Simply take calcium or vitamin D supplements can’t make children grow taller


Nowadays, calcium and vitamin D supplementation has become a fashion. Parents give their baby calcium supplement for preventing rickets and elder takes calcium for preventing osteoporosis. Even to some shorter children, in order for them to grow taller, many parents give them calcium or vitamin D supplements every day.

Some parents are adamant that just taking enough vitamins D, calcium can make their children grow taller and bone can be stronger. They tend to ignore other factors that affect body height like sports, sunbathing, genetics. And some older people are blinded by dazzling advertisements of health products, spending a lot of money on unnecessary products and turning their homes into storerooms for medicines and health products.

In fact, simply take calcium or vitamin D supplements can not directly make children grow taller.

So, why take calcium or vitamin D supplements alone can’t make children grow taller?

The height of a human body depends mainly on the length of the long bones, while the growth of the long bones (such as the femur, tibia, and fibula) mainly depends on the growth of a section of cartilage between the diaphysis and the epiphysis. The medical name of this part is epiphyseal cartilage. The growth of epiphyseal plate is the basic understructure of a human body grows taller. But, the motive power of the growth of the epiphyseal plate is a growth hormone in the brain in the pituitary secretion. In childhood, in the role of growth hormone, epiphyseal plate form the new cartilage faster than other periods.

During the growth and development of the long bones, calcium deposits mainly in the bone, maintaining the mineral content of the bones and strengthening the bones. But, it can not directly promote the growth of long bones. The absorption of calcium must also depend on the action of vitamin D in children body. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, and promote the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus by the renal tubules. In addition, vitamin D can promote osteoclast activity, Promote the function of osteoblast, and make the blood calcium and phosphorus deposit to the bone matrix and form new bone.

Therefore, in order to grow taller, child not only have genetic factors from their parents but also have a healthy endocrine system is a key for growth.

Are you the sports model of your kids?

Do you remember the last time you went out running with your kids? I don’t think you can remember at all.

In addition to the above factors that affect the children body height, parents need to be a sports model for their children and participate in outdoor activities together. Outdoor activities allow your child to get enough sunlight and make his body’s endocrine run faster, making bones stronger.

In order not to regret the physical differences of children in the future, you should start from now on to pay attention to the detail of these points. Because your child’s future is one of your important achievements.


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