Three factors cause more and more fragile bones in children


The two years old baby who broke his arm from half a meter high because of fragile bones.

Two days ago, Mr. Sam holding a two years old son came to the pediatric department of orthopedics. Two hours ago, the child who was on the sofa accidentally fell down the ground, resulting in an obvious swelling in the right elbow joint. By physical and X-ray examination, the doctor found a fracture of the right humerus bone. Father said the sofa to the ground distance is only about 40 centimeters high, how fracture can happen so easily? The doctor told Mr.Sam there are many cases in the clinic, children often suffer fractures by fall down from the sofa or from the bed. Most of that children are smaller than 5. The main reason for this phenomenon is the fragile bones structure in the modern children.

Three factors cause more and more fragile bones (brittle bone) in children.

Doctors say there is no specific reason for the fragility of bones in children, but it is closely related to lifestyle and eating habits in life. These generally summarize the following three reasons:


Lack of sunbathing

Because of the convenience of modern life, more and more children must enjoy the “no wind, no sun” lifestyle.  However, people gradually ignore that the vitamin D synthesized by sunlight can help the body absorb calcium better. Lack of adequate sun exposure may lead to insufficient calcium in the children body. The loss of calcium directly affects the strength of bone in children and is prone to fractures easily in life.

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise also makes children’s bones become more and more brittle, It also includes modern young people.  Children who stay at home all day long and lack adequate exercise can lead to a lack of body nutrition and a weak muscle skeleton.

Bad eating habit

Today’s children eat too little fruit and vegetables and eat too much acidic food, such as meat. In order to neutralize excess acidic substances, the body has to dissolve a certain amount of calcium from the bones to meet the need for neutralization. At the same time, often drink carbonated drinks will not only reduce the body’s absorption of calcium but also accelerate the loss of calcium.


The age of fracture easily: Children less than 5 years old. The most common age range is 2-4 that lack of exercise and sunbathing kids.

The place of fracture easily: Living room (sofa or desk and chair), bedroom (bedside), balcony, footsteps.

How to strengthens the child bone to prevent the fragile bone phenomenon?

  • Do nutrition balance to children, don’t let children be picky eaters. Let children eat foods rich in vitamin D like milk products. Vitamin D supplements promote calcium absorption and thereby increase bone density. (But don’t just take vitamin D alone. see this article: Simply take calcium or vitamin D supplements can’t make children grow taller)
  • Try not to let the children drink carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid excessive intake of high protein animal foods. High protein diets, especially animal protein diets, can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Strengthen daily exercise will make body bone better.
  • Sunbathe can greatly increase vitamin D levels in the human body, promote calcium absorption, and strengthen bones.


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