7 best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly


Everyone wants to have a healthy, slim figure, especially in the summer, hoping to wear their favorite clothes. So fast and healthy weight loss is also the goal that most people pursue day and night. Many people want to know “What are the best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly ?”

If you really want to lose weight in the shortest period, follow these requirements every day. This can be in the shortest period of time to achieve weight loss effect.

7 best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly
7 best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly

7 best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly

Exercise every day

Exercising for hours every day, counting calories and trying to ignore your hunger? Maybe these are not necessary. Fortunately, there’s a better way. It is possible to lose weight in natural ways.

You’ll say you’re tired, you don’t have time, you’re busy at work, but when you looking at fatty yourself in the mirror you will realize that all these are excuses. You have to believe that you can make time for your health, and you can insist.

Drink water

It is often claimed that drinking water can help with weight loss and this is true. Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories. We recommend you to drink water, especially before meals. And also green tea is a natural beverage that is loaded with antioxidants. Drinking green tea is linked with many benefits, such as increased fat burning and weight loss. And also fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy, weight-loss-friendly foods. Foods that contain water-soluble fiber may be especially helpful since this type of fiber can help increase the feeling of fullness.

Use smaller plates

Some studies have shown that using smaller plates helps you eat less because it changes how you see portion sizes. People seem to fill their plates the same, regardless of plate size, so they end up putting more food on larger plates than smaller ones. Using smaller plates reduces how much food you eat while giving you the perception of having eaten more. This is one of my favorite ways how to lose weight quickly.

Chewing slowly

Chewing more slowly may help you eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones that are linked to weight loss. At the same time, you can also feel the final taste of this food.


Eggs are the ultimate weight loss food. They are cheap, low in calories, high in protein and loaded with all sorts of nutrients. Furthermore, eating eggs for breakfast may cause up to 65% greater weight loss over 8 weeks, compared to eating bagels for breakfast. It may also help you eat fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.


Using spices in your meals may boost metabolism and increase the burning of fat. Chili peppers and jalapenos contain a compound called capsaicin, which may boost metabolism and increase the burning of fat. Capsaicin may also reduce appetite and calorie intake.

Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is incredibly important for weight loss, as well as to prevent future weight gain. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people are up to 55% more likely to become obese, compared to those who get enough sleep.

We have talked about 7 best healthy ways how to lose weight quickly. There are many other methods not mentioned here, which are used to lose weight, such as medical interventions. We advise you to consult your doctor in medical matters.


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