How to prevent the bone fracture in aged people


With the advancing age, the physiologic aging happens in elder people, especially on the bone skeleton. When physiological aging happening in the bones of the human body, it will cause health condition likes osteopenia and osteoporosis, sometimes minor trauma may cause the elderly bone fracture.

How To Prevent The Bone Fracture In Aged People
How To Prevent The Bone Fracture In Aged People

So how to prevent fracture and help aged people to get away from the fracture?

The elderly should prevent osteoporosis or delay osteoporosis occur

  1.  in a daily diet, aged people should eat more calcium-rich foods, such as shrimp, bean products, sesame, milk, and others. Especially milk that calcium content is relatively higher than others. If the aged person who under the risk of osteoporosis consumption a cup of hot milk every night, not only good to sleep, but also better than calcium tablet that we buy from the pharmacy. The elderly with better economic conditions can also take some calcium class health care production.
  2. the elderly should often go out for a walk and do some physical exercise. More sun exposure can promote the body to synthesize more vitamin D because vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium.
  3. the elderly should regulate daily life rhythm, maintain a happy mood. Get rid of some bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, less walking, and more sitting, because these bad habits are easy to induce osteoporosis.


The elderly should prevent sudden accidents

How To Prevent The Bone Fracture In Aged People 2
How To Prevent The Bone Fracture In Aged People 2

Elderly movement is slow, they also have poor strain capacity and poor physical activity coordination. If aged people also have the risk of stroke,heart and kidney problems, more prone to accidents and falls. The clinical data showed that the fall is the direct reason for bone fracture in most of the old people, so we should reduce the living environment of the hidden trouble of safety in aged people.

  1. The room temperature of the elderly should be maintained at around 18 degrees so that the elderly can reduce dressing, it helps they can do some activity more flexible.
  2. In the home, the light of the stairs should brighter little bit than usual. The bathroom floor should be non-slippery and should keep dry. The family should install the handle next to the bathroom and the toilet for the elderly to use.
  3. The elderly should not wear slippers. Rough bottom shoes are more suitable for them. The threshold should not too high and the living room furniture should be stable.
  4. The aged people should go out on rainy days as little as possible to reduce the prone to fall. If the body feels a slight discomfort, should go to the hospital in time to reduce the potential risk of fracture or other bone diseases.


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