Women and osteoporosis relationship


Bone disease is the most common and frequently-occurring disease in normal life. According to research, female suffering from osteoporosis disease more common than male population in the world. So, Women should pay more attention to the prevention of osteoporosis disease in life. So, which group of women is more prone to osteoporosis and how to reduce an incidence of it? Is really multiple births woman got osteoporosis more often than others? In the following content, let’s look at the relationship between women and osteoporosis.

Women and osteoporosis relationship
Women and osteoporosis relationship

Which group of women are more prone to osteoporosis? the relationship between women and osteoporosis.

  1. Women with multiple births

    Childbearing age of this group of women usually will continue into middle age. During this period, easily lead to bone loss if the calcium supplement is not enough.

  2. Premature menopause

    The patient who proceed with bilateral ovarian resection due to illness but did not take replacement therapy.

  3. Menopause period

    The negative effect of calcium deposition and mineralization due to the low-level estrogen after menopause.

  4. Modern slim shape body

    Woman with small body shape or low body weight has a negative balance of metabolism. This will affect calcium don’t correspond to it intake from the body outside.

  5. Low-calcium diet

    Women prefer vegetarian in order to lose weight. Improper diet will lead the body to the lack of calcium.

  6. Smoking and drinking alcohol lifestyle

    This kind of bad habits seriously affects the normal intake and absorption of calcium and other nutritional substances by the body.

  7. Lack of outdoor activity and sunbathe.

    “Fear of sunbathing” and “fear of sports” body can not synthesize enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is the most important metabolic substance for calcium absorption by intestine and kidney. You may also check our another article about Simply taking calcium or vitamin D supplements can’t make children grow taller.

  8. The genetic factors of parents

    If the mother, grandmother suffering from osteoporosis may affect children also suffer from the same disease.

  9. Metabolic imbalance

    If a patient with diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases cannot treat well, it will occur secondary osteoporosis.


The relationship between women and osteoporosis is extraordinary, now the female osteoporosis incidence rate is rising year after year. The incidence of this bone disease has been far more than men. Women have to pay more attention to this problem, take some necessary precautions for preventing osteoporosis.


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