Back pain in pregnancy causes, treatment, and prevention


Pregnancy is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. But in these 10 months of pregnancy, pregnant women are likely to experience more or less pain in one way or another. Back pain in pregnancy is one of the common symptoms during this period.

After the pregnancy enters the middle stage, the stable joints in the pelvis begin to relax and open, and the ligaments of the spine and joints are relaxed, preparing for childbirth. At this time, some pregnant moms will feel back pain. In addition, as the gestation month progresses, the uterus becomes larger and the center of gravity gradually moves forward. In order to maintain the balance of gravity when standing or walking, pregnant mommy can only lean back to maintain posture. This posture increases the load on the ligaments and spine of the lower back, which can also cause or aggravate low back pain. In addition, the enlargement of the uterus against the nerves of the lower back is another cause of low back pain. At the end of pregnancy, the phenomenon of low back pain is more obvious. There are also some diseases that can cause back pain.

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back pain in pregnancy causes, treatment, and prevention
back pain in pregnancy causes, treatment, and prevention

Which group of women are prone to back pain in pregnancy?

Back pain does not occur in every pregnant mom, and the degree of pain varies from person to person. In general, the following groups of women are more prone to suffer the back pain in pregnancy period.

  • Pregnant mommy with a sensitive body, slim shape, and narrow pelvis.
  • Pregnant mommy who often do manual work, lift things and bend over.
  • Twins or fetuses are bigger than usual
  • Pregnant mommy with excessive weight gain during pregnancy
  • Kidney stones, urinary tract infections, disc herniation

Back pain in pregnancy causes and treatment

1. The pregnant woman posture causing back pain

The growing belly of pregnant women can cause a burden on the back and hips. As the abdomen gets bigger every day, the center of gravity of the body must move backward to maintain balance. Maintaining this position for a long time will suddenly increase the burden on the back and waist muscles that are rarely used. This gradually leads to fatigue and back pain.

Treatment of back pain caused by posture:

Massage methods

  • Massage the sides of the spine from top to bottom with your thumb.
  • Continue to massage the lower back along the upper edge of the pelvis.
  • Finally, massage the neck and shoulders and then massage the spine and massage the lower back from left to right.
  • It is best to repeat 5-10 times every day.

Hot compress methods


2. Calcium deficiency leads to back pain in pregnancy

Pregnant women with back pain usually appear in the second trimester and third trimester. Because the fetus grows up day by day, but the intake of calcium by pregnant women will gradually become insufficient, which will lead to the symptoms of calcium deficiency. Back pain is one of the main symptoms.

Treatment of back pain caused by calcium deficiency:


Pregnant women should pay attention to calcium supplementation. Usually, women can eat more foods with high calcium content. Dairy products, soy products, dried shrimps, fish, eggs, kelp, nuts, green leafy vegetables and other foods contain high levels of calcium, which is especially suitable for pregnant women. You may find some useful information about calcium food in this article “Calcium rich foods in our daily life“.

Calcium supplement

Pregnant women after 4 months can take calcium tablets for calcium supplementation under the supervision of a doctor. Taking calcium tablets can effectively solve the situation of pregnant women with cramps and back pain. At the same time, it has a very good effect on the growth of the fetus and the development of the bones.


3. The curvature of the spine changes cause back pain in pregnancy

Sometimes, back pain is caused by the curvature of the spine. The uterus of a pregnant woman gradually becomes larger and will affect the curvature of the spine. This can easily cause disc herniation and muscle strain.

Treatment of back pain caused by calcium deficiency:

Usually, doctors recommend bed rest and reduce activities. If the pain has a severe impact on life and, the woman can also choose to do local physiotherapy to relieve the symptoms.


4. Joint relaxation leads to back pain

When it is close to labor, lutein relaxes the pelvis, joints, and ligaments and is easy to stretch, but it also causes a burden on the lower back joints. The pubic symphysis associated with the pelvis gradually relaxes, which is one of the causes of back pain.

Treatment of back pain caused by joint relaxation:

  • Avoid suddenly bending over
  • Avoid excessive weight gain
  • Hot compression with the hot towel
  • Massage
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and holding children

If you want to lick something on the ground, first squat down, pick it up and then slowly stand up. Pregnant women must not suddenly bend over and pick up things. The same is true for sitting chairs. Don’t rush to sit down. You should bend down a bit and then slowly sit in. In order to make the body muscles fully rested, it is best to sit on a chair with a backrest.


5. Urinary infection, kidney stones, disc herniation

Patients with urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and urinary calculi may have back pain. They may also have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. If you have back pain before pregnancy, you should also pay attention to whether there is disc herniation.


  • Urinary infection: If it is a urinary infection, in addition to back pain, it will be accompanied by vomiting, frequent and urgency urination, urinary pain, fever and other symptoms. The doctor can confirm the diagnosis by the urine test and then give the relevant treatment.
  • Urinary calculi, kidney stones: Like urinary infections, there are symptoms such as back pain, nausea, and vomiting. If you have stones before, be sure to go to the hospital for diagnosis and get proper treatment before pregnancy. Otherwise, it can be very troublesome to have pain during pregnancy. The patient must also drink a lot of water. The diagnosis requires a urine test and USG in the urology department.
  • Intervertebral disc herniation: If you often have pain in the middle area of the spine before pregnancy, please go to the regular hospital to confirm whether there is disc herniation. The pain of herniated discs during pregnancy is also quite troublesome. Because pregnant women can’t use most of the painkillers, early prevention is very necessary.


Prevention of back pain during pregnancy

  1. Proper exercise: From the early pregnancy, do appropriate exercises such as walking to strengthen the flexibility of the lower back.
  2. Keep back warm: Pregnant women need to keep warm to prevent get cold when they sleep.
  3. Keep a good posture: When walking, the spine should be straight, and the center of gravity should be placed on the heel, and the heel to the toe should be gradually lowered. Avoid standing for long periods of time. When sitting down, put a soft pillow on the back to increase the support of it. When sleep, you need to adjust your body to the best comfortable position and then go to sleep.
  4. Avoid lifting heavy things: When you need to bend over to pick something, keep your back straight, bend your lower limbs, grab things and stand up slowly. Avoid direct stooping posture.
  5. Control weight gain: Avoid fetal growth too fast or excessive weight gain in pregnant women to reduce the load on the spine.
  6. Improve some of the details of life: Pay attention to some details in your life to help prevent back pain. For example, use a long handle mop or broom; adjust the height of your office chair to the most comfortable position.
  7. Massage: Massage the back to eliminate muscle fatigue and relieve muscle pain.
  8. Warm water shower: Showering with warm water and rushing the water directly to the back can relieve pain.
  9. Lie on the left or right side: When the abdomen is getting bigger, try to lie on your side and bend one or both legs.
  10. Strength and stability training: Strengthening the exercise on the pelvis and lower abdomen can reduce the excessive pressure on the back caused by pregnancy.
  11. Disease treatment before pregnancy: If there are kidney stones, urinary calculi, disc herniation, and other diseases, it is necessary to treat them promptly before pregnancy. In order to avoid severe pain during pregnancy.


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Back pain in pregnancy causes, treatment, and prevention


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