Daily calories needed calculator


This daily calories needed calculator gives you an approximate amount of your body daily calories needed. If you want to lose weight, count the basic daily calories and then increase the daily calorie consumption or reduce daily calorie intakes and vice versa.


Daily calories needed calculator

The formula of lose weight or gain weight

Lose weight = calories consumption > calories intake

Gain weight =  calories consumption < calories intake

Terminology tips of calories

Daily calories needed: The body burns calories every day in order to maintain the basic metabolism of life. This is the basic daily calorie requirement.

Calories consumption: If you want to increase calories consumption, you can do it through fitness, running, swimming, yoga, etc.

Calories intake: Food is the main source of heat. Some foods are high in calories and low in nutrients, while others are just the opposite, such as certain fruits.


But this is not the absolute effect of healthy weight loss or healthy weight gain. This is just a rough line of thought for healthy people. Because there are genetic factors, disease factors, environmental factors and so on will appear individual difference.


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