Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator


The test, “Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator“, is for pregnant women. Weight is one of the most important health indicators for pregnant women and the fetus. Weight changes during pregnancy also follow a regular pattern.

The following test Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator for pregnant women during pregnancy. This for reference only.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator



What is the standard of pregnancy weight gain?

Under normal circumstances, the weight of the woman will gradually increase after pregnancy. The weight range of growth needs to be determined according to the conditions of the pregnant woman, such as pre-pregnancy weight and height. In the early pregnancy(first trimester of pregnancy), the weight of pregnant women increases by about 1-3kg. Because the absorption of nutrients by the fetus is limited at this time, the weight should not increase too much.

Pregnancy Weight Gain calculator
Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

The weight of pregnant women in the second trimester and third-trimester increases by about 5-6 kg, which is about 0.4 kg per week. The weight gain of pregnant women in the second trimester is mainly due to changes in maternal physiology, including increased blood volume, increased weight of the uterus, breast and related tissue fluids, and storage of fat. The increase in body weight of pregnant women in the third trimester is mainly caused by fetal development. Fetus, placental weight gain and increased amniotic fluid will lead to an increase in maternal weight.

There is a limit to the weight gain of pregnant women. If the pregnant woman gains too much weight, it will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. However, if the weight gain of pregnant women is insufficient, fetal growth is also affected.


Pregnancy and BMI

Pregnant women first need to know their pre-pregnancy weight and calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) value accordingly. The BMI value is used to measure the degree of obesity.

The BMI Formula: Body mass index(BMI)=Weight(kg)÷ Height²(m)

You may also calculate your BMI from our “BMI body mass index calculator

Based on pre-pregnancy BMI, we can calculate the range of weight gain during pregnancy:

BMI Normal range of weight gain during pregnancy(lbs) Disease can causes
<18.5 <28 fetal weight loss, premature infants, fetal, 

High blood pressure, huge infant, the difficulty of labor, back pain

18.5-25 20-30
25-30 15-22
>30 Consult the doctor


Insufficient weight gain during pregnancy: It can lead to fetal growth restriction, resulting in fetal weight loss, premature infants, fetal dysplasia and other consequences.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy: It can cause gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, and the incidence of back pain and varicose veins is high. In addition, too much weight gain can cause huge children, which will increase the difficulty of childbirth.

Pregnant women also need to have a habit of recording weight so that they can effectively monitor their own and fetal health.

We hope this calculator, “Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator“, can help you.


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