Two periods in one month: 5 main causes


Many young women encounter two periods in one month issue several times in their whole life. They will be very nervous and anxious, worried about whether there is a problem with the uterus. This article will discuss this question in detail.

Some tips for menstruation

Menstruation: Women generally begin menstruation around 13 years old and it’s stop 49 years old around on their own, the process is 35 years. During this period, except for pregnancy and lactation, most of the women menstruation usually occurs once a month.

Menstrual duration: Normal menstruation last 3 to 7 days. Most of the female period is 4 days. If regular menstruation is very normal, also do not have other apparent special reason, appear suddenly menstrual period shortens or extend, should consider whether appeared dysmenorrhea(abnormal menstruation period).

Menstrual cycle: The interval between two periods of menstruation is generally 28 days. Menstruation may be regarded as normal occasionally 7 days ahead or delay. The normal menstrual cycle is not less than 21 days, nor more than 35 days.

Each woman should have a detailed understanding of her menstrual cycle and duration. It would be better to have a good habit with taking note.

Two periods in one month - is it normal or not?
Two periods in one month – is it normal or not?

If there are more than two periods in one month, the woman needs to consider some reasons as follow.

The 5 reasons for two periods in one month

Reason 1: Abnormal mood and stress.

Menstruation is formed after ovarian hormone stimulates the endometrium. Ovarian hormone secretion is controlled by the hormone released by pituitary and hypothalamic. Therefore, whether the ovary, pituitary, or hypothalamus dysfunction, will happen two periods in one month phenomenon. Long-term depression, anger or suffering from major mental stimulation and psychological trauma, can lead to menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea.

Reason 2: Ovulation bleeding.

Ovulation bleeding usually occurs in the middle of two regular periods of menstruation in women. Bleeding can last for half a day, or even 2-3 days. Generally, the amount of bleeding is relatively small, which may be accompanied by a mild backache and abdominal pain. At this time, women may think this is periods mistakenly.

Reason 3: Contact bleeding.

Contact bleeding(or contact hemorrhage) is associated with vaginal inflammation, cervical erosion, cervical polyps, early cervical cancer, submucosal fibroids and other genital organopathy. This type of bleeding occurs mostly after a woman’s sexual life or forced defecation This situation will be treated by women as two periods in one month.

Reason 4: Emergency contraception.

Taking emergency contraceptive may cause a temporary height of hormones and delay a woman’s next menstruation. But in some women, hormones drop rapidly, leading to bleeding. It can also be mistaken by women for two periods.

Reason 5: dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Another common condition is dysfunctional uterine bleeding. This kind of situation can be shown as the irregular menstrual cycle(irregular periods), excessive menstrual cycle, prolonged menstrual period or irregular bleeding. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding also should be excluded from endometrial cancer. warmly reminder: There are many other reasons that can cause two periods in one month. Thyroid hormone disorders, weight disorders, overeating, malnutrition, long-term fatigue, and some systemic diseases can lead to menstrual disorders. If the menstrual disorder is accompanied by these mentioned reasons up above, please be sure to go to the hospital get proper treatment on time. For more detail about irregular periods, you may visit our another article “Irregular Periods: Causes, Symptoms, Harms, Treatment, Home remedies“. 



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